KantCon 2020 Cancelled

Due to circumstances beyond our control, KantCon 2020 is cancelled.  For more information, please read our special 2020 FAQ.

We look forward to KantCon 2021 gaming goodness.

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May 27, 2020


We are deeply saddened to inform you that KantCon 2020 has been cancelled.  The organizers have continued to monitor the COVID-19 progression, and we felt that it would not be feasible to put forth an enjoyable event while ensuring the comfort and safety of everyone.  Given the current climate and evolving regulations, we realized that a convention in July of this year could require significant changes to table placement, seating, handling of games and merchandise, as well as increased protection and sanitation needs.  Our focus has always been on the gaming, and we believe that these changes would too greatly detract from the fun.

Thank you very much for your interest and support of KantCon thus far.  For anyone with a KantCon 2020 registration or merchandise purchase, we will gladly carry that forward to 2021.  If you prefer, we will provide you with a full refund. This applies to both attendees and paid vendors.

At this stage, we feel the right move is to take som...

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Dungeon Delving at KantCon 2016