Note: there is a separate KantCon 2020 FAQ dedicated to questions about the unfortunate cancellation of physical KantCon 2020.  This FAQ is about KantConline.

Attendee FAQ

What are the official hours for KantConline 2020?

KantConline officially starts on Friday, 7/17 at 5pm and ends Sunday, 7/19 7pm.

​I want to be a GM/Facilitator.  How do I submit an event?

Go to the Event Submission page and fill it out.  It will be entered in Warhorn  within 24 hours of submission and made available for people to sign up.  


Please read the GM FAQ for more details.

How do I sign up for events?

KantConline 2020 is using Warhorn for event management.  You will need an account on Warhorn, which is completely free.  Then go to the KantConline 2020 page and Register.  After you have been approved you will be able to sign up for any events listed.

How do I get to my event?

Each event you sign up to play in Warhorn will list the Virtual Tabletop and Voice/Chat Services the GM is using.  You will need to create an account on the virtual tabletop and voice chat service that the event is using.  Most services have the ability to create free accounts.

Do I need Discord?

It is not needed.  However, KantConline has a discord server with several channels to enhance the convention experience -

It has three main channels:

  • Looking For Game (Text/Voice) - This channel is used for players looking for games or GM/Facilitators looking for players.

  • Canceled Event (Text) - If you are GMing or Facilitating an event and you must cancel, this is where you would inform the KantConline staff of the cancelation

  • KantCon Support  (Text/Voice) - This channel is used to reach out to KantConline staff for any issues or questions during official hours.

Note that these channels are only actively monitored by KantConline staff during the below hours:


5pm - 9pm Friday 

9am - 9pm Saturday

9am - 5pm Sunday


Individual game channel information can be found in the Warhorn Session Information for that specific event.

How much does this cost?

This is a totally free event.  


KantConline is a totally free event that the organizers of KantCon are thrilled to be able to offer. We are accepting donations that will go towards KantCon 2021. If you would like to donate, please go here:

Does KantConline have a harassment policy?

Yes.  It is located on the website under the Events menu as heading Personal Conduct.  

How do I connect to my Event?

The Event Listing in Warhorn will have up to two entries on the right hand part of the screen below the scenario image.  One link for the Virtual tabletop and the other for Voice/Chat Services.  There will be a button that you can click on that will take you to the appropriate service and channel.  If the button is not present, the GM may have instructions listed for access in the scenario description.  

I clicked on a Discord link for Table 1 and it took me to the KantCon Discord Channel.  How do I get to Table 1?

When you get into the KantCon Discord server, scroll down the left hand side until you find the heading for KANTCONLINE TABLES and expand it.  You should see your table listed there.  Just click on your table number and you will connect to that channel.  This applies to any of the Table Voice channels that are setup within the KantCon Discord server. 

I am having issues connecting to my event or there are no links for the event in Warhorn.  How can get to my event?

You can reach out to the GM by clicking on the Discussions tab for the event in Warhorn and leaving your Question there.  This is also a good place to check for any communications from the GM.  When a post is added to the Discussion Tab of an event, all attendees and GM get notified via email.

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