Note: there is a separate KantCon 2020 FAQ dedicated to questions about the unfortunate cancellation of physical KantCon 2020. This FAQ is for KantConline.

Game Master's FAQ


The following FAQs should help you run your game at KantConline successfully. The details of the event can be run however you want, but the KantConline staff has the following recommendations to make sure things go smoothly and everyone has fun:

How do I submit an event?

To submit an event go to the KantCon Event Submission page and fill out the form (  It will be entered in Warhorn  within 24 hours of submission and made available for people to sign up.  

What if my game has Mature content or anything not suitable for all audiences?

When submitting the event, be sure to enter an appropriate age in the Minimum age field.  At the beginning of your event, clearly state that the event involves mature content or anything not suitable for all audiences. Make sure that your players will be comfortable with all material presented.

​​What if I need to cancel my event?

We understand things may come up that cause you to cancel your event. Please let us know as soon as possible so we can inform the participants.

  • If it’s still before the convention, please notify DaNay Minnick at of the cancellation.
  • During the convention please post a message post a message on the Canceled Event Discord channel -
  • If you are unable to post a message on the KandConline Discord server, then email DaNay Minnick at or call/text 913.735.7014.​

Someone wants to join the game and a pre-registered player has not shown up. How long should I wait before I give away the seat?

This is your personal decision; however KantConline recommends giving the absent player at least 5-10 minutes to show up.

We do not have enough players to start the game.  What should I do?

Around 5-10 minutes before the event is scheduled to start, utilize the Looking For Game discord channel:
If you are still short on players, you have multiple options:

  • Have the players play multiple characters

  • Modify the game to be a bit easier for the fewer players

  • If you wish to consolidate your game with another, please feel free to do so as long as both groups and GMs agree.

I am having trouble with a player.  How should I address this issue?

First give them a private verbal warning to cease whatever is causing the problem. If that has not produced the desired result, issue a second warning.  Should they continue the behavior, ask them to leave the game.


You should have the ability to remove them from whichever system you are using.  If it is through a KantCon Discord channel, please post a message on the KantCon Support Discord channel ( and someone will contact you.

As an Example – Excessive swearing: if a person is swearing excessively in a game not labeled as Mature and there are children present, inform them that this is a family friendly game.  If they refuse after several warnings, ask them to leave the game.

If you have any further trouble or none of the above solutions work, feel free to reach out to the Director of Events involved by sending an email to DaNay Minnick at


What technology should I use?

There are several options and categories: 

Roleplaying Game Intefaces -

  • Roll20

  • Fantasy Grounds Classic

  • Fantasy Grounds Unity

  • Google Slides (or Google Docs, etc)

Board Game Intefaces -

  • Boardgame Arena

  • Tabletop Simulator

  • Tabletopia

Feel free to use whichever technology suits your event the best.  Most of the above options have the ability to create free accounts.  Please call out the technologies you are planning to use on the Event Submission form or update your Warhorn Event session (if you run the same game more than once during the convention, you will need to set this for each time slot) specific Virtual Tabletops, Notes or Discussion sections so the players can be prepared.

KantConline has a Discord server ( and your event will be assigned a voice channel by default.  While we highly encourage you to use our discord server, if for some reason you prefer to use something else please update your Warhorn Event session (if you run the same game more than once during the convention, you will need to set this for each time slot) specific Voice/Chat Services, Notes or Discussions sections with the appropriate information.

How can I get a hold of my players if I don't have their emails?

Go to your event in Warhorn and click on the Discussions tab.  You can Post a message that is accessible to all.  This is also a good place to check for any communications from the players.  When a post is added to the Discussion Tab of an event, all attendees and GM get notified via email. 

I have an issue which is not mentioned above?

Please post a message on the KantCon Support Discord channel ( and someone will contact you.​

If this is an emergency please send an email to

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