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Costume Contest

We are excited to host a Costume Contest again this year!  The event will run on Saturday, July 18th, 2020.


Contest schedule (estimates depending on participation): 

  • Pre-judging - 6pm-7pm 

  • Parade through the vendor and gaming areas - 7pm-7:30pm 

  • Awards & Pictures - 7:30pm-8pm


  1. Entrants must be registered convention attendees of KantCon and have a KantCon 2019 Saturday badge.

  2. Pre-register for the costume contest at the Event Registration desk onsite. The Panel area will be used for Pre-judging and Awards & Pictures.

  3. Costumes must conform to the KantCon weapons and facility policy. See the Weapon and Facility restrictions details below.

  4. You must wear shoes at all times. We will excuse inaccuracies in your costume to ensure your safety.

  5. Politically themed, culturally insensitive, derogatory, or mocking cosplays are prohibited.

  6. You and any assistants you bring with you must be able to handle your costume as KantCon will be unable to assist.

  7. Nudity is strictly forbidden. Underwear and everything they cover should not be visible.

  8. Failure to follow all instructions from KantCon staff may result in disqualification.

Weapon and Facility restrictions

  1. No one may use adhesive-backed decals or stickers nor may they be distributed anywhere on the premises. 

  2. Glitter and confetti may not be used in carpeted areas of the building. 

  3. No Fog / Smoke Machines. 

  4. Lasers: For public safety reasons, only Class I lasers shall be permitted. Class II or greater are prohibited within the building. 

  5. Weapons are prohibited in the facility except firearms carried by sworn law-enforcement officers in the performance of their lawful duties. Nerf/foam swords or those that will break away should they hit something are acceptable.

  6. You must wear shoes at all times.


Contact us at if your question has not been addressed.

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