KantCon 2020 FAQ

Will my registration be refunded?

If you would like a refund or to transfer your current registration to the 2021 KantCon year, please fill out our refund form. If you transfer your registration to 2021, you will receive a ribbon notating your additional support of KantCon 2021 at the convention. For those that are able, we urge you to consider carrying over your registration to help KantCon offset fees and other losses due to this situation. If you are not able, we understand and completely support your request for a refund. Unfortunately, we will not be allowing for partial refunds or split transactions. Because of the extraordinary circumstances, we are changing our normal refund policy to provide you the full amount of your original purchase back to you. The cutoff date for a full refund is August 31, 2020. If we do not hear back from you by this date, we will carry your registration forward to 2021. If you contact us after this date, we can still provide some refund, but we will revert back to our normal policy of 90% of the transaction amount. This is to offset the fees we incur during the payment and refund process.
Please keep in mind we are a small volunteer staff and will process requests as quickly as we are able. We ask that you grant a little extra patience during this strange time. We expect all refunds submitted by this form to be completed by September 30, 2020 at the latest. If you do not feel like you’re getting the proper response, you can always email us at kantcon@gmail.com.

What about my events?

We will be resetting events for KantCon 2021, which means we will be requiring new submissions for both Events and the GM Incentive Program for KantCon 2021. The KantCon 2020 convention will remain available on Warhorn, so that GMs can retrieve previously submitted event details. Nothing needs to be done right now to ensure that this happens, though new submissions will be needed in 2021. We are handling it this way to make sure that 2021 events are accurate as GMs may change what they want to run or not be able to attend. Furthermore, this ensures that attendees that are not able to attend 2021 do not restrict others who have registered for 2021 from signing up for events. If you have any further questions or concerns regarding Events, please contact DaNay Minnick, Director of Events, at danay@kantcon.com.

Why didn't you reschedule/postpone?

KantCon is a summer convention. We did not think there would be significant improvements in the months left of summer 2020 to make a difference.

Why did you wait until now to cancel?

We held out hope that thing would stabilize so that we could still deliver a great gaming event. We’ve also been waiting on guidance from the local government and our venue. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 situation has continued to develop and change beyond our ability to predict and even official guidance is contradictory at different levels of government. To put on a great gaming convention takes a lot of effort by a whole team of people over an extended period of time, even during normal conditions. Because KantCon is a non-profit run by volunteers, we did not think we had the capability to handle the current uncertainty without negatively impacting the experience for everyone involved.

What about doing an online con?

The organizers considered this but did not feel this embodies the spirit and goal of KantCon. That being said, we are open to the possibility of helping to organize groups for some online gaming. If you are interested and want to be involved in this, please email kantcon@gmail.com.

I signed up to be a volunteer. Do I need to do anything about the shifts I signed up for?

No action is required on your part. While we won't have any volunteer needs this year, we would love to have you volunteer again next year. Please consider applying to be a volunteer for 2021!

What about my vendor table?

KantCon will be reaching out to each vendor and sponsor to see if they would prefer to roll over their table/sponsorship to 2021 or if they would prefer a full 100% refund. If you don't see a message soon, feel free to reach out to our Vendor Coordinator at andre@kantcon.com.

Will there be a KantCon 2021?

Most definitely yes! We have already signed an updated agreement with Overland Park Convention Center and our new dates will be July 16 - 18, 2021. We want to make next year even more special, so stay tuned for more information on that front!

What if I have other questions?

Feel free to reach out to us at kantcon@gmail.com.

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