Jump In, Lend a Hand, and Run a Game!

This weekend is your last chance for Early Bird Tickets! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get your badge while prices are their lowest. This is also your last opportunity to buy one of our special Early Bird Packages. They’re the only way to get extra dice, a 2019 KantCon T-shirt, and other merchandise at a value combined with your badge purchase! Check out this link for full details and to buy your badge now: https://www.kantcon.com/buy-a-badge Our VIG packages will be on sale for only one more month! This will ensure our KantCon representative will have plenty of time to work with you on your custom adventure. This badge also comes with a lot of SWAG, including a custom VIG T-shirt,

Two Weeks Left for Early Bird!

There's just over two weeks left of Early Bird! This is your last chance to get a badge for the weekend when prices are at their lowest, or to purchase one of our Early Bird packages. Our Pre-Registration period will begin April 1st when the price of an adult 3-day pass will increase from $35 to $40, and individual day passes will increase $3 each day. April 1st is also when Event Sign-ups will open! We've already received some events and will continue to take submissions until June 22nd. Make sure you can get a spot in your favorite game as soon as sign-ups go live by purchasing your badge now! https://www.kantcon.com/buy-a-badge-early We are also pleased to announce that our exhibitor

Register your Events for KantCon!

Calling all GMs and Board Game enthusiasts! Event Submission for KantCon 2019 will open March 5th! We will be accepting Event Submissions for any and every game you would like to play at the convention this year. This is the easiest way to find players for that RPG you've been wanting to run, or competitors for your favorite board game. KantCon does NOT have pre-assigned slots, so you can schedule your game for any time you'd like during the convention. This makes it easier to squeeze in a game when you can only stay for a few more hours, and easier to jump in a game when you arrive. Event Sign-ups will begin April 1st, and players are quick to fill up their schedules so make sure you get yo

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