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The KantCon Play-to-Win program is back for 2021. It is available to all convention attendees that participate in or play a copy of the Play-to-Win games designated at the Game Library.
The winner(s) receive one copy (gently used) of the game that was used for this program. This program is sponsored by one or more generous game companies that have donated a copy of a Play-to-Win game to raise awareness of their product.

The long list of Play-to-Win games are listed below (and may not be exhaustive).



  1. Check out a copy of a Play-to-Win Game and an index card from the Game Library volunteers. 

  2. Play the game.

  3. Return the copy of the game to the KantCon Game Library with an index card containing a list of first and last names and badge ID numbers of those who participated/played the Play-to-Win game and want to be entered into the drawings.

Note: Please limit games to one per group of players, so games can be enjoyed by as many people as possible during the convention.

The Play-to-Win game drawing will be held and winners will be posted on Sunday at 2:00 PM. Games will have sticky notes with the winner’s name. Winner(s) or family members of the winner must be present to win. If a participant’s name is drawn but they are not present to claim the game, a new participant’s name will be drawn within 5-20 minutes. Attendees are limited to win a maximum of 3 games.


Many of the Play-to-Win games are being donated by Envoy. Envoy is an organization that works with a dedicated team of gamers that love to run and demo games for the companies that Envoy represents.  Envoy partners with companies that make some of the best games in order to promote those amazing products to others.  As part of the program, Envoy heralds can receive free copies of the games that they are willing to professionally run or demo at conventions, game stores, and group gatherings.  If you are enthusiastic and love to run games, consider joining the program today!

List of Play-To-Win Games

Stonemaier Games
  • Between Two Castles

  • Secrets & Soirees Expansion

  • Red Rising

Smirk & Dagger Games
  • The Deadlies

  • Cindr

Brotherwise Games
  • Call to Adventure

  • Unearth

Paw-Warrior Games
  • Pomegranate Planet

Roxley Games
  • Steampunk Rally Fusion

  • Gorilla Marketing

The Op (USAopoly)
  • Hues & Cues

  • Telestrations: Upside Drawn

  • Dungeon Academy

Play Monster
  • Reign

  • Windward

Lucky Duck Games
  • Chronicles of Crime 1900

  • Court of Miracles

  • King of 12

Ninja Star Games
  • Arkham Ritual

  • Yokai Septet

9th Level Games
  • Meeple Party

Endless Games
  • AKA - Also Known As

  • Everybody Knows

  • 60 Second Slam

R&R Games
  • Coralia

  • Humboldt's Journey

  • Pass the Pot

Grandpa Beck's Games
  • Skull King

  • Antiquity Quest

  • Cover Your Kingdom

Formal Ferret Games
  • Wordsy

Exploding Kittens
  • Exploding Kittens

Inside Up Games
  • City Builder: Ancient World

Gamelyn Games
  • Tiny Epic Mechs

  • Tiny Epic Dinosaurs

  • Tiny Epic Pirates

Chip Theory Games
  • Triplock

Wise Wizard Games
  • Star Realms: Frontiers

  • Hero Realms Base Game

Anvil 8 Games
  • Front Line: No Komrades

Funko Games
  • Goonies

  • Fast & Furious

  • Funkoverse: Marvel

Portal Games
  • Imperial Settlers Roll & Write

Bezier Games
  • Silver Dagger

  • Cabo Deluxe

  • Werewords Deluxe

Asmadi Games
  • Red7

CrowD Games
  • #Artbox

  • Deep State

  • Enigma Beyond Code

  • Ganesha

  • Windmill Cozy Stories

  • Winter Queen

Shades of Vengeance
  • Champion of Earth

  • Evil Overlord

Wattsalpoag Games
  • Echidna Shuffle

Facade Games
  • Trophies

  • Bristol 1350

Genius Games
  • Genotype

  • Subatomic

  • Virulence

Twogether Studios
  • Action Cats

  • Illimat

Bicycle Games
  • Crystallized

  • Emergency Broadcast

  • The Alpha

Dragon Dawn Productions
  • Darwinning

Indie Game Studios
  • Crossed Words

  • Noch Mal So Gut (Bravo)

  • The Bottle Imp

Thames & Kosmos
  • Andor: The Family Fantasy Game

  • Ubongo Fun Size

  • The Crew

Czech Games Edition
  • That's A Question!

Gate Keeper Games
  • A.D.A.P.T.

Petersen Games
  • 8-Bit Attack: Core Game + 5 Expansions

  • Dicenstein

  • Evil High Priest: Core Game + 2 Expansions

  • Planet Apocalypse

  • Startropolis + Mini Expansion

  • Tooth Fairy Game

  • Unlocking Insanity: Dice Vermiis Mysteriis

  • Two Minute Dino Deal

Jellybean Games
  • Ninjitsu!

  • Village Pillage

Devir Games
  • Silk

  • Out of This World

Weird Giraffe Games
  • Dreams of Tomorrow

  • Big Easy Busking

Genius Games
  • Cytosis

  • Ion

  • Dealt!

  • Saboteur