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The KantCon Play-to-Win program is back for 2024. It is available to all convention attendees that participate in or play a copy of the Play-to-Win games designated at the Game Library.
The winner(s) receive one copy (gently used) of the game that was used for this program. This program is sponsored by one or more generous game companies that have donated a copy of a Play-to-Win game to raise awareness of their product.

The list of Play-to-Win games can be found here:


  1. Check out a copy of a Play-to-Win Game from the Game Library volunteers. 

  2. Play the game.

  3. Enter your player names (with badge IDs) and their ratings (if desired) on the Play to Win submission form. The QR code to the form can be found at the Game Library and on this page during the event). Note: The form allows submission of up to 8 players and can be submitted a second time if the game was played by 9 or more players (including the game master). Duplicate entries per player are permitted.

  4. Return the copy of the game to the KantCon Game Library. Note, if you do not have a smartphone to enter the Play to Win entry on the submission form, please also make sure to return an index card containing a list of first and last names and badge ID numbers of those who participated/played the Play-to-Win game and want to be entered into the drawing to win.

  5. Please limit game checkouts to one per group of players, so games can be enjoyed by as many people as possible during the convention. If you check out a game for more than 4 hours (or longer, if warranted, for complex games), you may be ineligible to win the games as part of this program.


The Play-to-Win game drawing will be held and winners will be posted on Sunday 7 July 2024 at 2:00 PM. Games will have sticky notes with the winner’s name. You must be present with your badge or have the winner's badge to claim a game. If a winner is drawn but the game is not claimed within 15 minutes, a second winner will be drawn. Each attendee/badge is limited to winning a maximum of 3 games.


Many of the Play-to-Win games are being donated by publishers that are part of the Envoy program. Envoy is an organization that works with a dedicated team of gamers that love to run and demo games for the companies that Envoy represents. Envoy partners with companies that make some of the best games in order to promote those amazing products to others. As part of the program, Envoy heralds can receive free copies of the games that they are willing to professionally run or demo at conventions, game stores, and group gatherings. If you are enthusiastic and love to run games, consider joining the program today!

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