If you would like a refund or to transfer your current registration to the 2021 KantCon year, please fill out our registration confirmation form


If you transfer your registration to 2021, you will receive a ribbon notating your additional support of KantCon 2021 at the convention. For those that are able, we urge you to consider carrying over your registration to help KantCon offset fees and other losses due to this situation.  If you are not able, we understand and completely support your request for a refund.


Unfortunately, we will not be allowing for partial refunds or split transactions.  Because of the extraordinary circumstances, we are changing our normal refund policy to provide you the full amount of your original purchase back to you.  The cutoff date for a full refund is August 31, 2020. If we do not hear back from you by this date, we will carry your registration forward to 2021.  If you contact us after this date, we can still provide some refund, but we will revert back to our normal policy of 90% of the transaction amount.  This is to offset the fees we incur during the payment and refund process.


Please keep in mind we are a small volunteer staff and will process requests as quickly as we are able.  We ask that you grant a little extra patience during this strange time.  We expect all refunds submitted by this form to be completed by September 30, 2020 at the latest.  If you do not feel like you’re getting the proper response, you can always email us at


Again, please request a refund by filling out the registration confirmation form.

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