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Don't Forget About Board Games!

Not super into RPGs but still want get your game on? Never fear! KantCon has plenty of board game options for you to try out with your fellow convention-goers.

A game library will be available at the convention, and, like it sounds, you’ll be able to check-out all kinds of board games and try them out! We’ll have fun co-op games like XCOM, where you have to work with your fellow gamers to ward-off an alien invasion, or for those of you who prefer to reign victorious over your friends, we also have games like Pirate’s Cove, where you can finally end that ongoing debate over which of you would be the most successful pirate.

We hope you’ll take some time to play some board games with us, and consider donating some of your favorites as well! The game library visits different conventions in the area, and it’s more fun for everyone when there are more games to share! Be sure to check out the library at Planet Comicon in May, and of course, at KantCon in July! You can bring any donations to any of the conventions they attend give them to a library volunteer!

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