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Welcome Back Black Blade Publishing!

A staple at KantCon, Black Blade Publishing will be back this year with even more great gaming products!

For convention newcomers, Black Blade publishes a variety of gaming products, including rulebooks, adventures, magazines, and hex paper. They also specialize in Advanced Dungeons and Dragons! Black Blade has been a consistent exhibitor at KantCon since the beginning and we love having them with us.

Black Blade will be bringing a number of AD&D adventures that they publish themselves to the convention, as well as a number of other materials from different publishers. Expect to see the amazing Metamorphasis Alpha RPG game written by James Ward and published by Goodman Games, as well as products from Judges Guild, North Wind Adventures, and many others. Black Blade is especially excited about bringing a reprint of the old Grimstooth Trap Books, which have been consolidated into a single archive with each page painstakingly restored to its former glory, including the illustrations!

Be sure to stop by the booth and say hello to both Jon and Allen. They are both very well versed in AD&D, not only publishing the game products, but also as avid players. Allen also enjoys Call of C'thulhu and the Leading Edge Aliens miniatures game, which he’ll be running at KantCon this year! Jon enjoys a number of board games including Talisman, Axis & Allies, and Firefly, and is hoping to get into some of the Dungeon Crawl Classics or Call of C'thulhu events!

If you’d like to try out AD&D, be sure to check out the Tegal Manor event on Friday night! Event Registration ends this Friday so be sure to grab your spot today!

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