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Fight off Zombies!

The sky has darkened over your fair town. Dark magic is at work and portals have opened. Hordes of the dead are rising from their graves and they are the least of your troubles. Strangers and dark, hellish beasts from out of time have crept forth and terrorized the townsfolk. It is up to your band of unlikely heroes to investigate and find a way to close these portals to darkness. Will you travel through time and space to emerge victorious? Sharpen your blades, ready your chainsaws, reload your boomsticks, and prepare to breach these dark dimensions!

Want to get in on the action? Check out our Zombicide Buy-In-Game set to run Saturday evening from 5-11pm! On top of all the fun, players of this game will also receive zombie dice of your choice and more raffle tickets!

Grab your tickets here:

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