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One Month Until KantCon!

Are you ready? Don’t forget Pre-Registration and Event Submission end July 1st, and Player Registration ends a week later on July 8th! This means you only have 15 days left to buy your badge online!

Still looking for something to sign-up for? We still have room in many of our BIGs, including Sailors on the Starless Sea DCC Level Zero Funnel event! Since time immemorial you and your people have toiled in the shadow of the cyclopean ruins. But now something stirs beneath the crumbling blocks. Beastmen howl in the night and your fellow villagers are snatched from their beds. With no heroes to defend you, who will rise to stand against the encircling darkness? The secrets of Chaos are yours to unearth, but at what cost to sanity or soul? This event will be run by Jeremy Putnam, the Board Chairperson and Director of Assets here at KantCon. Be sure to grab your ticket here: Also be sure to check out a newly added event, At the Foot of the Mount of Ashes! As the Dark Seer Havren once foretold, eight scions from eight royal families would leave their kingdoms and their lives of luxury and band together to defeat the Ancient Dragon Carthinas. Long they have traveled and fought. Now, they stand at the foot of the Mount of Ashes, ready to defeat Carthinas once and for all. This event is going to be run by Chris Perrin on Saturday night! Be sure to check it out on Warhorn and grab a spot while they’re still available!

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