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PFS Events Up NOW!

KantCon is just one month out! We can’t wait to see you all and play some games!

Pathfinder Society players, we know you have been waiting patiently and we are pleased to announce that our PFS events are up NOW! Make sure you’ve purchased your badge, and then you can sign-up for the events you’re interested on our Warhorn site. D&D Adventure League players, your events are coming soon! Keep an eye on our Warhorn schedule, and we’ll post an update on our social media accounts as soon as they’re up. We apologize for the delay. If you’re looking for some D&D beside the more traditional Adventure’s League events, consider checking out our Buy-In-Game, Dungeons and Doggies! This game is based on 5e, but you’ll play as a canine adventurer. This was a successful Kickstarter by Steamforged Games, and all players will go home with a new dice set! This game will be offered Friday night and Sunday afternoon. You can sign-up at the link below: Finally, make sure you check out the merch on our website before the convention! If you buy anything in advance we’ll have it waiting for you at the door. This is also the best way to make sure that you get what you want before we sell out! We’re bringing back favorites like the dice, mugs, and t-shirts so you can continue your KantCon collections for 2019. We’ll also have 2019 water bottles this year for the first time! Check them out and reserve yours today at the link below:

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