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A Call to Arms

Hey tabletop gaming fans!

We need your help with KantCon, our annual tabletop gaming convention. For many years, a relatively small group of people have been doing the majority of the work and we'd like to see a shift to more support. We want to unburden our existing staff and also bring in some fresh perspective.

We are all volunteers at KantCon and have fulltime jobs as well, so having more people involved helps to spread the workload and make individual time commitments smaller. There are a variety of ways you can help, including project management, outreach to local game stores, flier distribution, advertising coordination, and social media promotion. Plus, tabletop gaming is something that the whole family can enjoy, so we encourage you to ask your family members to pitch in too!

We hope you'll consider stepping up and being a part of the planning process for KantCon. Not only will you be helping to make the convention a success, but you'll also be supporting the tabletop gaming community. Thank you in advance for your help!


We need people to step up.... Not just volunteer onsite, but be involved in the planning. KantCon has run with the same few people doing a majority of the work for many years now and it's time for a fresh perspective, and to give those people a chance to rest.

Here are some of the areas you can help:

- Project management (i.e. herding cats)

- Outreach to local game stores & flier distribution

- Advertising Coordination (i.e. cross-promotion opportunities)

- Social Media promotion

If interested, please reach out to


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