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Event Submission Begins March 1st!

It’s that time of year again! Event Submission for KantCon will be opening on March 1st. If there are any games you’ve been wanting to try out, or have a cool new adventure for an RPG, this is your time! You can go to the KantCon website and register your event so other convention attendees can sign-up. If you have any special requirements for your event (such as access to outlets), let us know in the form and we’ll be sure to accommodate.

We are still optimistic about holding an in-person convention this year. However, in order to do so we are going to need more volunteers during the convention than we have in the past. If you’re able, please consider volunteering. Shifts are normally only a few hours, and you can get into the convention for free any day you volunteer! If interested, please fill out our volunteer form at, or reach out to us at


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