VIG Badges

Be treated as a Very Important Gamer and get the most out of your KantCon experience!  Choose who you would like to run your customized adventure.


All VIG packages are $250 and include:

  • 3-Day Admission
  • Your Choice of a Customized Adventure
  • 50 Swag Tickets
  • KantCon VIG Ribbon
  • KantCon 2020 Glass Mug
  • Customized Dice Bag with KantCon Dice Set
  • $15 of Food Vouchers with Overland Park Convention Center
  • VIG Cloth SWAG Bag
  • VIG T-Shirt

VIG Badges

  • Choose a Customized Adventuer From:

    • Matt Harrop in: Over the Edge, Those Dark Places, D&D 5th Edition, Demon Hunters, or Wrath and Glory.
    • Andria Osborne in: Fiasco, Protocol, Dread, Masks, Monster of the Week,  or The Secrets of Cats.
    • Angela Robertson in: Dread, Lady Blackbird, or anything Powered by the Apocalypse.