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Exhibiting at Kantcon

We enjoy having Exhibitors at KantCon each and every year. We're happy to welcome all kinds of vendors to KantCon, from local vendors and retailers, to game companies from around the country. The main focus of our convention is gaming and rolling dice, and we do not jury our show. Therefore our vendor space is limited. All attempts will be made to spread out vendors with similar products however this is not always possible.

Large Booth

Large vendor booths are $175. They include:

  • one(1) 3-day vendor badge

  • 8' x 6.5' of space

  • one(1) 8' table

  • two(2) chairs

  • tablecloth

Small Booth

Standard vendor booths are $125. They include:

  • one(1) 3-day vendor badge

  • 6’ x 5’ of space

  • one(1) 6' table

  • two(2) chairs

  • tablecloth

End Cap

​End Caps are a double-wide booth at the end of a walkway with extra traffic potential. They are $250 and include:

  • two(2) 3-day vendor badges

  • 12' x 6.5' of space

  • two(2) 6' tables

  • four(4) chairs

  • two(2)tablecloths

Vendors may bring extra tables, shelving, or display items and arrange their space as desired, as long as everything fits within their allotted space.


  • Additional Vendor Badge: half price (Note: Badges are only required to play in events.)

  • Pipe & Drape: FREE, but limited

  • Electricity: $30, but limited


  • Donations: 2:1 retail value of any items donated to our Raffle or Play-to-Win. ($50 donated = $25 discount)

  • Demos: a discount of $10 per 4 hours of games is also offered. (This does not include demos run at your booth.)

  • NO discount will be offered for tables or shelving provided by vendors

All discounts are limited to $50 per booth.

Please read our Vendor Agreement for more information on allowed items, set up/tear down times, refund, and safety policies.

All vendor slots are currently filled!  You are welcome to apply for the waitlist.

If you submitted an application but have not heard back from us, please check your spam folder or reach out to

A mobile-friendly version of this form is available directly on google.

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