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Who We Are

Any person here can help you at the convention, or will find the person that can.

Director of Communication

Responsible for:

  • Managing and directing the efforts of the Art, Outreach, Design and  
    Website Coordinators

  • Has responsibility regarding the visual branding of KantCon 

  • Overseeing and directing finances for KantCon


About me:

I was luckily born into a family that enjoyed board games.  Then I was introduced to role-playing in college along with MMOs.  I've labelled myself a gamer ever since.  I especially enjoy roleplaying games and cooperative board games.  I have been attending KantCon since 2010 and hope to help keep it going strong for many years to come.  In my "spare" time, I like to be crafty and make dice bags, some of which have made their way into the hands of KantCon VIGs.

Director of Events

Responsible for:

  • Organization of Events at the convention and table layout

  • Online and Onsite Event Registration

  • Coordinates with GM/Marshalls to help meet their specific event needs


About me:

I started out playing video games on computers and consoles from a young age.  In college, I was introduced to Magic the Gathering and Baldur's Gate on the PC as my first Role Playing game. Those activities branched out into Legend of the Five Rings and various other Role Playing games. I enjoy attending conventions and learning new game systems whether it is a board game or role playing game. I have been attending KantCon since 2010 and look forward to assisting you with any event related items you may have!

Director of Games

Responsible for:

  • Gather, Track, and Maintain games for the KantCon Library

  • Prepare the Library area and Train Library volunteers

  • Reviewing and coordinating creation of event book


About me:

I grew up playing video games and the "classic" board games that most people have at home. I branched out a bit during my college years but really got into the board game scene in 2007 after attending Origins Game Fair. Ever since, I've been very passionate about both exploring new games and sharing my love of games with others, board game or otherwise. I joined the Envoy team last year to spread the word and demo more games at local venues. I have been part of KantCon since the beginning and hope to see it grow each year. I may look like a grump, but anyone that knows me well knows that I am a gentle giant. I love chatting about this hobby with others, so if you see me at a convention, please introduce yourself.

Registration Coordinator

Responsible for:

  • Overseeing Registration and managing badge lists

  • Working with the facility management of the venue


About me:

I have always loved games.  I saw Star Wars in the theatre and it changed my life.

Four years later, I was introduced to D&D in 5th grade and was immediately hooked.

Since that fateful day 33 years ago, I have played and enjoyed many different games.  I have attended Kantcon since 2010 and enjoyed every minute.  Currently I am running D&D 5th Ed and playing Fate Core and playing as many cool board games as I can.

Sara Rude-McCune
Vendor, Art & Design Coordinator

Responsible for:

  • Coordinating vendor registration

  • Designing flyers, badges, shirts, and other art assets


About me:

If you count playground pretend, I've probably been roleplaying most of my life. The passion for experiencing other lives and stories led me through AIM chat rooms, forums, tabletop games, and most recently LARPS. Some of those stories get drawn into my comic books. Nowadays I care less about a game's rule system and more about playing with good friends. I first attended KantCon in 2011 and have been drawing the art since 2015. 2022 was my first year as Vendor Coordinator. I hope to bring even more people joy through art and finding that new game or trinket

Outreach Coordinator

Responsible for:

  • Providing content for social media websites 

  • Responding to questions 


About me:

Hello everyone! My name is Kelsey! While I grew up enjoying board and video games,

I was introduced to D&D by some friends in college, and was immediately drawn to the fun of making a narrative while also clobbering goblins. I’ve never been to KantCon before, but I can’t wait to get to meet and play with new people! In the meantime, I’ll be on social media helping remind you of dates and helping you get answers to any questions you might have!

KantCon Junior Coordinator

Responsible for:  

  • Overseeing and supporting youth events for KantCon

  • Building a welcoming environment for kids & guardians

About me:

I've been running and playing RPGs since I was 10 and I've been a father for the past 8. My experiences in LARPs when I was younger informed a career in theatre in my adult life, and my professional experiences playing characters, building worlds, and collaborating on stories has informed my work in game design and how I play at the table. I've attended (and sometimes vended!) KantCon since 2015 and this year is my first for coordinating KantCon Junior. Just like with theatre, we've got to build a relationship with the next generation of gamers to help maintain this thriving culture of sharing and expression.

Jamie KantCon Headshot.jpg
Prize Coordinator

Responsible for: 

  • Determining schedule for prize drawing

  • Advising on number, cost, and distribution of raffle tickets

About me:

Hello! My name is Jeremy Putnam and I am the Prize Coordinator for KantCon. I have been with the convention in some fashion since it was first formed and took place in my basement way back in 2008. Since then I have participated every year, and I have seen it grow from those few people I fed pancakes I made in my kitchen, to the hundreds of wonderful people who now grace us with their presence every year. I love gaming and have played everything from LARPs, board games, card games, miniatures, and tabletop RPGs. I believe gaming is important for growing the imagination and positively building upon important social structures in this crazy, messed up world of ours.


I currently reside in Mission Kansas with my beautiful wife Robin, two dogs Maggie and Tully, and our cat Dash. 


Feel free to approach me at the convention and say hi or send me a Facebook friend request.

Website Coordinator

Responsible for:

  • Managing the KantCon website 

  • Little else 


About me:

My first roleplaying game was D&D – I'm not sure the edition – I think the box was

blue.  Some years later I came across GURPS, which has allowed me to combine

two of my passions: Star Trek and role-playing games.  I think my first KantCon was 2017.  If there is something you don't like about this webpage, blame me.

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