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Press at KantCon

KantCon brings the best of the gaming, fantasy, and science fiction worlds together every year in the Kansas City area. We're always happy to see the press involved, from television news to radio stations, all the way to podcasts and blogs. If you want to come to KantCon and cover the event, we're more than happy to have you!

Furthermore, if you want to both cover the convention and play in some games, we will grant you an attendee badge at a discount.  Please indicate you interest in participating in events when you fill out the credentials form below.

Submit a Request for Press Credentials


To submit a request for press credentials, you must be affiliated with a recognized media organization (we have to be able to see your website and the like). Please fill out this Media Credentials form.


Your details were sent successfully!

Press Guidelines


No photographs, video footage, or interviews can be scheduled with celebrity guests and spokespersons without the prior approval of KantCon, Inc.


Radio/TV/Web General Regulations
  • Live broadcasts must be arranged and pre-approved by KantCon, Inc. and the venue, if necessary.

  • On-site signage is permitted only for exhibiting media, or for media with sponsorship agreements with KantCon, Inc.


Media Coverage Regulations
  • KantCon, Inc. allows media equipment in convention areas during posted show hours only, unless special arrangements have been agreed upon in advance.

  • No media organization may take photographs or record images of, or otherwise use, an vendor’s table without the knowledge and consent of the vendor.

  • Camera crews must not block the flow of traffic on the convention floor or venue premises for any extended period of time.

  • All photographs or footage taken at KantCon may be used for editorial purposes only. Any other use requires the written approval of KantCon, Inc.

  • No video footage may be taken during live programming and entertainment events without the prior approval of KantCon, Inc. media personnel.


Website Coverage Regulations
  • Internet reports shall not purport to be exclusive or official coverage of KantCon though vendors retain the right to arrange exclusive media coverage with outlets of their choosing after approval by KantCon, Inc. media representatives.

  • Reports cannot include proprietary material owned by KantCon, Inc. inclusive of, but not limited to, interview transcripts, audio transmissions, video transmissions, photographs, or any other copyright or trademark owned by KantCon, Inc. without the prior written authorization of KantCon, Inc.


Information and Interview Requests
  • Requests for an interview or information prior to KantCon can be made by contacting KantCon Organizers.

Press Badges
  • When attending the convention for press coverage only, a badge is granted free of charge.  This badge does not allow for playing in any games.

  • If a member of the press would also like to participate in gaming events, a regular attendee badge can be purchased at half price.  Please contact us directly for more details.

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