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Event Registration Closes TODAY!

Don’t forget Event Registration closes TODAY! This is your last chance to submit events that you want to run at KantCon. Players will be able to register for events until July 6th, so they’ll still have plenty of time to sign-up in advance.

As you select events, be sure to check out The Great Escape! Cedric will be playing a miniatures game this year, and this event is the perfect way to get in on the fun! Everything you need to play will be provided, so if you’ve never played a miniatures game before, this is a great way to get introduced to the play-style. The game will be run in all three slots on Saturday, and you can sign-up on Warhorn. Also on Saturday will be the 2020 Catan National Tournament Qualifier! This event will run from 12-6pm for the preliminary round, and the final will be between 7-9pm. You can sign-up for this event on Warhorn as well. The winner will be invited to the National Championship in 2020 at Origins Game Fair in Columbus, OH. Settle and Trade your way to the top!

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