Events information

Daily Schedule

7:00am - 7:50am: — Volunteer Check-In

8:00am: Convention Opens to Attendees; Check-In Begins

9:00am: Events Begin

11:00pm (8:30pm on Sunday): Convention Doors Close

Games and Events Listing

A schedule of our games and events can be found on Warhorn at  As online sign-ups have ended, you may no longer use Warhorn to sign up for games.


Sign-Up for Games and Events

Online sign-ups to play and participate in games and events closed on July 22nd, 2022, but you can still sign up for games and events in-person at the convention.

  1. If you haven't already registered for KantCon, i.e. purchased a KantCon badge, then you will have to wait to register for games in person at KantCon. You must be registered before you can sign up for any games or events.

  2. Go to the sign-up tables and find a game or event you like.

    1. You will find the games and events are organized by start time.

    2. Add your name to the list of any game or event that has space. If you sign up on a wait list, that means you have dibs should anybody that signed up fail to show. Be careful not to double-book yourself.

    3. Note the time and place of the game or event

  3. Enjoy your game or event. Arrive on time so the fun can begin as soon as possible.


The GM FAQ is what you think it is.


Support KantCon and potentially win fabulous prizes.  Badges come with at least one free raffle ticket, also called SWAG tickets. Organizers, coordinators, and volunteers get the same number of free raffle tickets as everyone else. E.g. if you volunteer and get a free badge, you get the usual 1 raffle ticket with your badge. Anyone can purchase additional tickets from our online store. Anyone can purchase additional tickets in person at the con, while supplies last.

Special Events

We will be hosting Artemis - Bridge Simulator, the Dungeon of Dooooooom!, and some panels. Details on KantCon 2022's special events will be added as information becomes available.

Personal Conduct

Golden Rule: Don't be a jerk. The Personal Conduct drop-down option of the Play Games button goes into a bit more detail.

Event Related Questions

DaNay Minnick

KantCon 2022 - Director of Events