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Special Events

KantCon promises to have all kinds of games and events to fill up your weekend with maximum fun! Check out the events on this page for something a little special.

Garage Sale

Artemis - Bridge Simulator


Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator will be at KantCon again this year. If you ever wanted to be part of the crew of a starship here is your chance. You can choose to be the Communications Officer, Science Officer, Helmsman, Weapons Officer, Engineer, Fighter Pilot, or of course the Captain. All Officers but the Captain have their own workstation and the Captain directs the crew to the far reaches of space. Will you be a peaceful exploratory team or blow the hostile aliens out of space?



Sessions will be running roughly every 30 minutes during convention hours. Starting sometime Friday afternoon/evening and continuing through to Sunday afternoon. Reserved time for special events or a group may be coordinated on site with the host.

GMs: Richard and Tammy Norton

Experience Needed: None.

Minimum Age: 6+

Board Game Garage Sale


Have board games and accessories taking up valuable space? Bring them to KantCon to donate to the library or sell them in the Board Game Garage Sale!


The KantCon Board Game Garage Sale allows any KantCon attendee to buy or sell used board games and related items at the convention. 


  1. Browse the garage sale area.

  2. Take your items to the cashier.

  3. Pay with cash or via PayPal. Items are priced as marked in whole dollar amounts.

  4. Note: All items are sold in as-is condition. It is the buyer's responsibility to check out the game contents prior to selling. KantCon accepts no responsibility for any missing pieces, damage, or other item deficiencies. All sales are final and cannot be refunded.



  1. Fill out the garage sale form online by Wednesday 3 July 2024 or fill out a paper copy of the form on-site.

    • Note: you must have a current year KantCon badge to sell items.

    • Each attendee is limited to 200 items/lots.

    • Board games and related accessories are accepted. While board game related accessories are accepted, this is not an avenue for 3D-printed or homemade items to be sold unless combined with a board game.

      • Note: KantCon reserves the right to refuse items that do not meet the above criteria or in any way violate KantCon policies.

    • Items may be grouped as a "lot" with a single price, such as a game with expansions, promos, extra dice, game inserts, etc.

  2. Drop off your items at the Garage Sale area.

  3. Create a price tag for each item/lot being sold that includes the price (in whole dollar amounts), your badge number, and the item number.

    • If you filled out the form online, price tags will be printed and ready to tape to your games.

  4. If there are any notes about the game (missing pieces or extra items such as promos, expansions, game insert, sleeves, etc.), please add a sticky note with those details to the game.

  5. Note: while we will have items in the Garage Sale area monitored during convention hours by our staff, KantCon cannot guarantee the safety of any items and will not be responsible for reimbursing or replacing any missing or damaged items. Participation in this sale constitutes your acceptance of this risk and waives KantCon of liability.


15% Commission

KantCon will keep a 15% commission amount from all sales to support the convention.

Example: If you sold $35 in items, KantCon will collect $5.25 in commission and you will receive $29.75, paid by cash (when available) or PayPal.


Checking Out

Sellers may pick up any unsold items from the sale and be paid out for any sold items by cash (when available) or PayPal. Items must be picked up by 3 PM on Sunday. Any items left beyond that point will become the property of KantCon if we cannot reasonably arrange to have the owner pick up items at KantCon.


Credit for the board game garage sale concept goes to the event staff of Midwest GameFest.


Friday at 9 AM to Sunday at 3 PM.  

Facilitator: volunteers.

Dungeon of Doooom!


The Dungeon 'O Dooooooom is a 3D Dungeon Delve experience where you play one of 6 heroes who are trying to fight their way to the center of the dungeon in order to destroy the evil that has come to this realm. When a player character dies, there will be a bone taken from the character sheet and placed in the dungeon to mark where that character died. We use Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition rules. Never played a role-playing game? No worries. We will teach you the basics. Observers are always welcome.


Sessions will be running for roughly 2 hour blocks with 1 hour breaks during convention hours. Starting sometime Friday morning and continuing through to Sunday afternoon. 

GMs: Doug Howard, John West, Nick Tillman, and Wesley Howard

Experience Needed: None.

Minimum Age: 6+

KantCon Junior

KantCon Jr Logo - Transparent.png

KantCon Junior is our effort to build inclusive events for parents and guardians with youth attendees. KantCon Junior is not a separate event, but an opportunity for anyone with a Youth badge or little attendee to sign up for and participate in events tailored for our newest gamers. We'll have an age-appropriate paint-and-take, a range of RPG and board game events, and a curated collection of games at the board game library. As new events get confirmed, we'll let you know!


Note: All attendees under 12 and under must be accompanied by their parent/guardian for KCJr events. As most events will have you playing together at the same table, every adult badge sign-up for a KantCon Junior event is assumed to involve two players: the youth participant and their adult parent/guardian.

When GMs volunteer and events are submitted, youth-appropriate events will be flagged for KCJr review. For players, keep an eye out for our KantCon Junior meeple logo and a die rating on event sign-ups: a d6 event is appropriate for all ages, a d8 event is a little more complex, and d12+ is for experienced young gamers or guardian/youth duos who are working together and sharing one player role in the game. These die codes will also be applied to a curated portion of the board game library so KCJr attendees can make their board game choices easily.


KantCon Junior events will run through the morning and afternoon sessions through the convention, but our focus will be on Sunday 7 July 2024, 9 am to 6 pm. The majority of our events will be held that Sunday, so if you're only going to bring your little gamers to one day of the convention, that might be the best option for your family.


That being said, we're planning events for all three days and the board game library's always open, so there's never a bad time to check out KantCon Junior.

GMs: varies

Experience Needed: varies

Minimum Age: varies, with some events appropriate for all ages

Miniature Paint and Take

Photography AF-307.jpg

Meeple-a-thon is proud to sponsor the 2024 KantCon Paint and Take table! Whether you're a beginner or a golden demon painter, our Paint and Take offers a great way to "brush up" your miniature painting skills. Open to painters of all skill levels, this activity is a great opportunity for new painters to start a new hobby and for experienced painters to share what they know. Come explore some new techniques or find a new life-long hobby - everyone is welcome at our table.


Want to learn more about Meeple-a-thon? Check out our information on our Friends and Sponsors Page.

Additional miniatures were also donated by Bluejay and Clover 3D.

KCJr in Special Events

Math Trade

Want to trade away some games and get new-to-you games in exchange? Check out the upcoming board games (math) trade at KantCon. Participants post games they'd like to trade and receive in trade. A computer-algorithm determines the outcome, making as many as possible across all participants. Board Games and gift cards (from participating vendors) are welcome.

Check out for information on how to participate. Curious but want to know more about how a math trade works? Watch this video: for a brief overview of how it works.

Math Trade Basics
  1. Post the games you’re offering to trade by the submission period deadline (Friday 21 June 2024 at 11:00pm CDT).

  2. Choose which games you want in exchange for the games you’ve offered by the want list submission deadline (Friday 28 June, 2024 at 11:00pm CDT).

  3. Review the results of the trade to see what games you successfully traded away and those you will receive in trade.

  4. Show up on time at the event date and times to drop off and pick up games.

  • Drop off: Saturday 6 July 2024 from 9:00am - 11:00am CDT

  • Pickup  Saturday 6 July 2024 from 11:30am - 12:30pm CDT


Math Trade is open to anyone who can be be physically present on Saturday 6 July 2024. KantCon registration is not required (although we hope that you will register and join us for a weekend of gaming!).


Post your games/trade items: Now until Friday 21 June 2024 at 11:00pm CDT.

Drop off your games/trade items: Saturday 6 July 2024 from 9:00am - 11:00am CDT.

Pick up your games/trade items: Saturday 6 July 2024 from 11:30am - 12:30pm CDT.

Facilitator: Nick Seal & Ryan Ellett

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