Special Events


KantCon promises to have all kinds of games and events to fill up your weekend with maximum fun! Check out the events on this page for something a little special.

Artemis - Bridge Simulator

Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator will be at KantCon 2019. If you ever wanted to be part of the crew of a starship here is your chance. You can choose to be the Communications Officer, Science Officer, Helmsman, Weapons Officer, Engineer, Fighter Pilot, or of course the Captain. All Officers but the Captain have their own workstation and the Captain directs the crew to the far reaches of space. Will you be a peaceful exploratory team or blow the hostile aliens out of space?



Sessions will be running roughly every 30 minutes during convention hours. Starting sometime Friday afternoon/evening and continuing through to Sunday afternoon. Reserved time for special events or a group may be coordinated on site with the host.

GM: Richard and Tammy Norton

Experience Needed: None.

Minimum Age: 6+

Kids KantCon 2020!

Bring your kids to KantCon, teens and youth are welcome. We will have tables running RPGs for younger players. No Thank You Evil will be run by teens for teens and kids, and Dungeons and Dragons games targeted at teens and preteens; whether your kids know a lot or a little this is a perfect chance for them to play with other kids and try new things!  


We are excited to introduce a table for teens and kids to run their own game. Do they want to try a short DM run? Have them bring their own little adventure! (30 minutes -90 minutes max) Many teens and kids have AWESOME adventure ideas but aren't fluent in a system to run a full blown game or don't have enough time to flush out a whole campaign. Here is  their chance to try it out. There will be a table on a first come first serve basis to let them try being their own Dungeon Master! (Adults are also welcome to play, however in these games THE KIDS are in charge). We want to welcome these youth into the fold of being DMs in the best way possible. We will also have a chance for little kids to make their own paper plate masks so they can dress up and cosplay as whomever they want. Fun physical activities for the young ones will be available as well (ie bean bag toss, foam light sabers, etc).


Please bring the whole family and enjoy KantCon in any age group. We are excited to welcome the youngest gamers into the KantCon family. Disclaimer: This is not a babysitting service! Any child below the age of 12 MUST be accompanied by an adult or legal guardian and must be supervised by said parent or legal guardian at ALL TIMES WITHOUT EXCEPTION.



  • Saturday 9am-6pm


No registration is needed, just stop by and participate! 

GM: Steven Garner

Experience Needed: None.

Minimum Age: 4+