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New Year, New KantCon!

Happy New Year Everyone! We hope KantCon is on your calendar for 2019!

Our Early Bird Tickets will go on sale February 1st. This is your opportunity to buy your badge when prices are at their lowest, and also the only chance to buy one of our Early Bird Packages. We’ve changed our Early Bird Packages a bit this year. While our Moderate Package will remain the same as last year, we’ll be introducing our KantCon “Plus” Badge in place of our 2018 Critical package. In addition to your 3-day badge, you’ll also receive a KantCon dice set, t-shirt, a $10 OPCC food voucher, and other SWAG. We’re also bringing back our exclusive VIG packages. These badges include your very own custom adventure to play at the convention as well as VIG-exclusive SWAG. You can check out the full details of these packages at For just Early Bird ticket prices (no extra SWAG), you can check out our website: This page also has more information about the location and time, so be sure to check it out!

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