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Early Bird, Event Submission, and VIG!

Have you gotten your Early Bird tickets and packages yet? We’re nearly half way through our Early Bird period, so make sure to get yours soon! Prices will be raised during pre-registration, so don’t miss out on getting your badge now!

We’re also about to open up our Event Submission. It’s time to pull out your favorite games, new games, and games you’ve created yourself to try out at KantCon! This is a great way to share your love of gaming with other gamers, and meet people who love the same games you do. You can run an RPG adventure, or set aside some time to play a favorite board game with your fellow convention-goers. Event Submission will begin March 1st, and Player Sign-Up will begin April 1st. We have ONE more VIG package available for purchase this year! This is your exclusive opportunity to come to KantCon in style! In addition to your badge for all three days, you’ll receive a VIG T-shirt, 2019 dice set, a mug, a water bottle, a food voucher, raffle tickets, and most importantly, a custom adventure from our Board Chairperson, Jeremy Putnam! Jeremy has been with the convention since its inception. In fact, the very first one was held in his basement. He’ll work with you to design an adventure just for you! This is the perfect opportunity to have someone ELSE put together that Dogs in Space, or Mer-Cat adventure you’ve always wanted to play!

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