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Register your Events for KantCon!

Calling all GMs and Board Game enthusiasts! Event Submission for KantCon 2019 will open March 5th!

We will be accepting Event Submissions for any and every game you would like to play at the convention this year. This is the easiest way to find players for that RPG you've been wanting to run, or competitors for your favorite board game. KantCon does NOT have pre-assigned slots, so you can schedule your game for any time you'd like during the convention. This makes it easier to squeeze in a game when you can only stay for a few more hours, and easier to jump in a game when you arrive. Event Sign-ups will begin April 1st, and players are quick to fill up their schedules so make sure you get your events in soon! We’re also looking for GMs for our Kids KantCon! This event will run Saturday, July 20th from 9am-6pm. In particular, we need GMs interested in running events for kids under the age of ten. We’d like shorter sessions to accommodate the needs of younger players. If interested, please reach out to us at Don't forget to buy your badge now, while prices are at their lowest!

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