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Board Game Fun!

One of the great things about KantCon is there’s always something happening! We constantly have all kinds of scheduled events, and with our Board Game Library, there’s never an opportunity to be bored!

For those of you new to KantCon, each year we bring a LARGE selection of board games for our attendees to try out! We have everything from fun family games to heavy strategy games and everything in between! Whether you want to play against your friends to see who reigns supreme, or work together to beat the board, there’s something for everyone. It’s also a great way to try out new games, and see if you like them before buying them yourself! We’re also always taking donations. If you have some old games you don’t play anymore, and would like to share the fun, please bring them to KantCon. We'd be glad to add them to our selection, and your fellow convention goers can give them a try!

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