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Who's Ready to Roll Some Dice?

We are only a week out from KantCon! We’ll still be selling tickets at the door and you can sign-up for open events all weekend. Hope to see you there!

Also, I know we’ve been asking a lot but we still have volunteer slots open! If there’s room in your schedule please consider volunteering for any of these shifts: Friday: 12-4, 2-6, 4-8, 6-10 Saturday: 4-8, 5-9 Remember you can get a free badge for any day you sign-up for a 4 hour shift, plus an invite to our KantCon volunteer party so you can make-up for lost game time. This is also a great way to meet other gamers at the convention and help do your part to make sure KantCon runs smoothly for everyone. Finally, if you haven’t already, here’s a link to our e-book. This has great information about the convention, convention hall, and all of our events!

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