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Board Game Exchanges

Looking to change-up your game collection? KantCon has you covered with our Math Trade and Games Garage Sale!

If you haven’t done a Math Trade before, this is facilitated online before the convention. You list the games you have available to be traded, and then make a list of games you’re interested in adding to your game collection. The algorithm then optimizes who should trade which games to which person, which is what will take place at the convention! Get more details and join here: KantCon 2023 No Ship Math Trade | BoardGameGeek Note that the last day to submit games for this is June 30th, and the swap will happen Saturday during the convention.

If you’re looking to instead sell some of your collection, we’ll have a Games Garage sale occurring throughout the convention. We’ll have shelves set-up for folks to drop-off their games. You can either list these in advance here:, or you can simply drop these off at the convention for others to peruse. Any unsold items must be picked up by 3pm on Sunday. For more information, check our website here:


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