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Happy New Year!

As you start making your 2023 plans, remember that KantCon will take place from July 14th-16th at the Overland Park Convention Center! Our Early Bird Ticket sales will begin on February 1st as usual, and prices will be the same as last year. Check out other important dates and deadlines as the convention itself gets closer:

In the meantime, we'd like to get some feedback from our future attendees:

First, what kinds of games are you hoping to play at KantCon 2023? Is there a cool new game you want to try? Maybe an old favorite you'd like to revisit? We’d like to start talking to local GMs about potentially running games of interest to KantCon attendees.

Second, as we ramp back up from COVID, we'd like to bring back Kids KantCon in some form. If this is something you would be interested in facilitating, or even just have some ideas for events aimed at younger gamers, please let us know!


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