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KantCon Needs YOU!

Do you like playing games? Do you love learning about new games and getting a chance to try them out? Do you like meeting people who have similar interests to you and will play games with you? Well, then KantCon is for you! This fun-filled, tabletop gaming convention has been operating in Overland Park for 13 years, but in order for it to continue into the future, we need just a little help from you in return. And it’s not just money -- there are many other ways that you can support our mission to build an inclusive community where people can play tabletop games at a fun, friendly Kansas City convention.

Spread the Word - Tell your friends; your family; your coworkers; heck, tell your next door neighbor and the mailman! Ask them to spread the word too.

Donate your Time - You can submit an event to run; be it a board game, roleplaying game, miniatures skirmish, a panel about playing games, or a demo of something you’ve designed! Or if you’re looking for something a little more chill, you can help by staffing one of our desks. The bonus here is that you can get a badge free for the day you help.

Buy Stuff - If you are looking for some extra KantCon gear, not only will you be carrying around some extra advertising for your favorite convention, but a portion of that purchase goes back into paying for future events. Win-win!

Sponsorship and Advertising - We have an audience that might be interested in your business. Let our attendees know how cool you are while at the same time you support an awesome convention. On the flip side, if you know of a cool business that would benefit from exposure to some great gamers, please send them our way!

Donate - We are not below taking hand-outs from time to time. When you win that lottery, feel free to send a few extra bucks to keep the dice rolling.

Get Involved - Are you interested in knowing how the sausage gets made? Want to step up and help us grind out another convention? We’d love to hear from you!


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