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LARP comes to KantCon!

Ready for something new at KantCon?! 

Embrace LARP Saturday, where you can step into the shoes of characters in real life, immersing yourself in thrilling scenarios without the dice rolls. From navigating political intrigue and surviving starship adventures to delving into mysterious vaultpunk rituals in the dark, the lineup promises something unforgettable!

Hurry, spots are filling up fast—join us on July 6th for ‘Winterhorn’ at 11 am, ‘Far Space’ at 2 pm, and the debut of ‘As Darkness Falls’ at 7 pm. No acting or LARP experience needed—just your imagination and a desire for a tabletop adventure brought to life.

Explore more and sign-up at the Events Desk during the convention.

See you in a week!


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