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Welcome Hide and Sneak to KantCon!

If you are hoping to find TTRPG or LARP essentials at KantCon, be sure to check out Hide and Sneak! This local game company was born from a love of bringing LARPs to life. The founder, Malakk began by creating gear for his LARP friends, and enjoyed the depth that good gear can bring to a character. The extra pieces brought the character to life, and Malakk was hooked. He began making everything from pauldrons to dice bags to bracers and rolling trays. Eventually, he turned his art into a business, and we can’t wait for you to see his creations!

At KantCon, Hide and Sneak will have all the gaming essentials you need for your TTRPGs, including: dice bags, rolling trays, card wallets, and more. They will also be revealing their next new Kickstarter for “The Adventurer’s Folio.” Designed to be functional, stylish, and hold everything you need for your tabletop night. Be sure to check it out!

For the adventurers looking to take their quests off the table, Hide and Sneak also provides great LARP gear such as armor, capes, pouches, and even dragon cuff bracelets! The last of which Hide and Sneak got permission from Creative Awl, a leatherworking artist from Poland, to create and sell. They’re easily customizable, and would make a great addition to most fantasy characters. (If you want one of these in advance, be sure to check the link below)

When I asked Malakk if there was anything he would like me to highlight he had this to say: “Hide and Sneak is my journey towards creating a place where all players can find the things they need to make their own worlds and stories. TTRPG, LARP and CosPlay are all about exploring other worlds and creating our own experiences. Our own stories to share with our friends and family and loved ones. I may just be the shopkeeper in these stories, but I’d be proud to be in these stories knowing that I added to it in my own way.”

Please stop by the Hide and Sneak booth at the convention and see if there’s anything that would enhance your own storytelling. Also, I hear Malakk is in search of horror games, so stop by the booth and tell him about your favorites!


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