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World of Game Design at KantCon 2022

We are pleased to announce that this year we will be welcoming World of Game Design to KantCon! While it may be World of Game Design’s first time at KantCon, the company has been publishing games ever since 1999 starting with Shards of the Stone and the official website for Gary Gygax (back in the old days!). The founder, Jared Nielsen, formed as a business incubator to invest in creative projects in the RPG industry. Zac Goins joined the collective under his imprint Drifter's Atlas and is now the Creative Director for many of their projects including their upcoming Scrap Rats Mothership Kickstarter.

At the convention, be sure to check out WOGD’s Mayan-Epics (Twins Gods Apocalypse) which will be officially releasing this spring! This is a highly-researched, fantastic take on a Mayan campaign setting...with a heavy dose of magic and myth. It’s full of great monsters from Mayan lore, an original calendar-gear system that spits out modifiers for each day of your campaign, and a tight 5-adventure campaign, among other things. It's also completely gorgeous with all original, full-color art. This is a 5e compatible publication that also comes with a unique AnySystem mobile app which lets you download any other system version of the setting.

If Mayan-epics aren’t your thing, they’ll also have a wide-array of D&D 5e resource books, as well as Gritty Sci-Fi products, such as Scrap-Rats, which is a blend of Call of Cthulhu, D&D, and an homage to the Alien franchise. For newer groups, Zac recommends you try out the Motherlode adventure which is a highly-engaging introductory adventure for 5e. The adventure can run in as little as 3 sessions, with lots for the players to explore as they help out on a mining expedition. The adventure leads to an epic struggle underneath a mountain with a force likely beyond their low-level capabilities that makes for one hell of a tale. As a bonus, this adventure serves as a great jumping-off point for a longer campaign.

Be sure to stop by the WOGD booth at KantCon to check out the above and welcome them to KantCon! In addition to checking out the amazing supplementary material, WOGD is always looking for new talent to bring on board. They’re looking for people who might be interested in game design, dice collecting, layout, 3D modeling and illustration. They also have a GM League for organized play and may be interested in signing up a few gamemasters to travel and run games at different conventions.

If you stop by, I’ve also been told Zac might be able to be coerced into running some Mörk Borg if we play our cards right. He highly recommends it as long as you don’t mind spending an evening dying in the name of fun.

In the meantime, be sure to visit WOGD at or reach out to Zac directly at


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