KantCon promises to have all kinds of games to keep you plotting against your fellow players or other forces promising your ultimate demise. If you’re looking for a little something extra though, consider some of our Buy-In-Games. You might have seen some of these events on the badges page or in Warhorn, and wondered what they are. These are games that have something a little special or unique about them: they may require extra effort by the game master or prizes may be awarded to the players.  At the very least, each buy-in game you participate in gets you 5 raffle tickets.  Buy-In-Games cost an additional $10 per game.

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Board Games


Mansions of Madness

Investigator players come to explore a location in order to unravel a mystery. Investigators win or lose as a team and need to use their brains and brawn to find artifacts, weapons, and clues to stop the keeper’s diabolical plot. Can you survive and defeat the diabolical plot?


The scenario being run is yet to be determined. Prizes and extra raffle tickets will be awarded to players.


System: Mansions of Madness Board Game: Second Edition

GM: DaNay Minnick 

Experience Needed: None. Rules will be taught. 

Minimum Age: 16+

Slot: Saturday, July 18, 7-11pm

Zombicide – Terror Park

Wisps of cotton candy blow across the ground like tumbleweeds at the entrance to the deserted amusement park. We survey the remains of a former bastion of family joy and know that our job will be tough. The moans of the undead coming from across the multiple theme park zones reach our ears and we wonder again just how much it will take to clear the place out and repair the attractions. Our employers sent another crew in to restore power, but we haven’t seen any evidence of their work and we begin to question what we’ve been told. We see the grisly remains of former park guests. It’s really odd, though, that some of the blood looks fresh… What else will we find in this grisly terror park?

This is a custom scenario with a unique setup and modified rules. The GMs will work with you to create a custom dashboard before the game. You will receive a unique zombie die and 5 raffle tickets.


System: Zombicide

GM: Nick Seal/Tim Read

Experience Needed: Some. Should have an idea how to play in the system.

Minimum Age: 10+

Slot: Saturday, July 18, 5-11pm


Roleplaying Games

Ten Candles

Ten days ago, the Sun disappeared, casting the Earth in eternal night. Satellites have gone quiet. Power grids have failed on a global scale due to the demand and the world has been left in darkness. And now, They have come. It is uncertain what They are, but They’re out there in the dark, and They’re coming for you.

Ten Candles is a "tragic horror" game because in the final scene of the game all of the characters will die. Ten Candles is not a game about "winning." Instead, it is a game about what happens in the dark, and about those who try to survive within it. It is a game about being pushed to the brink of madness and despair, searching for hope in a hopeless world, and trying to do something meaningful with your final few hours left.

Mature Gamers only. Beginners welcome.

System: Ten Candles 

GM: Matt Harrop 

Experience Needed: None. Rules will be taught. 

Minimum Age: 18+

Slot: Friday, July 17, 7-11pm

Dreaded Apparitions

It’s been 53 years since humanity’s hope for long-term survival left the planet Earth aboard the three arc ships, Posterity, Nachkommenschaft, and the Hòurén. Most of the passengers are carried safely in cryo-tubes which are maintained by a rotating crew of 6. Your third scheduled awakening of the voyage begins with everything in nominal status. Unexpectedly, an accident causes the Hòurén to explode. As alarms and warnings begin to pop up aboard the Posterity, you are in a panic to keep the ship intact. Will your crew survive? Or can you discover what is affecting the ship in time?

Dread is the roleplaying game that uses a tower of blocks instead of dice. Dreaded Apparitions is a special scenario that uses a giant tower of 2x4 planks instead of little blocks. Pull from the tower to succeed at your task. Refuse to pull and you fail. The choice is yours. But if the tower falls . . .

System: Dread

GM: Angela Robertson

Experience Needed: None. Rules will be taught. 

Minimum Age: 12+

Slot: Saturday, July 18, 7-11pm