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You may register onsite during the convention. Just show up to purchase whatever badges strike your fancy; doors open at 8:00am.  We accept cash, credit, and PayPal; we do not accept checks, gold pieces, nor barter). (Online registration for closed 24 June 2023. Early Bird registration for KantCon 2024 will open 1 February 2024.)

Check out our Health & Wellness page to ensure you're comfortable with KantCon’s policies.

Adult Badges

Simple - Get your gaming on.

For Adults 16 and up.

Family Packages

Bring the whole brood and get a discount.  Includes 2 adult and 2 children admissions.

Child Badges

Simple - Get your gaming on.

​For children 8 - 15.  (Children 7 and under are free.)

Can't Con? Donate!

Show your support and get a piece of the action.

After registering, check out the games and events and sign up to play some games. Online sign up for games ends 9 July 2023.

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