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Early Bird is Here!

Early Bird Badges and Packages are on sale now! This is your opportunity to get tickets to KantCon when prices are at their lowest! This is also your only chance to bundle exclusive KantCon 2019 merchandise with your badge. We'll have extras at the convention for purchase too, but buying an Early Bird Package will ensure we set your SWAG aside just for you.

As a growing convention, KantCon has continued to take on more expenses year after year to provide the highest quality gaming experience we can. At the same time, we do what we can to keep the badge prices low so that you get the greatest value for your dollar. However, we've reached a point where we cannot continue to be a sustainable convention without some sort of increase to our income. Therefore, we are raising badge prices to maintain the quality you've come to expect from KantCon. This increase will help ensure that KantCon continues in 2020 and beyond! Thank you for your understanding and support.

If you can't wait until July for gaming (because that is an awfully long time), make sure to visit us at Planet Comicon on March 29th-31st! We'll be running games in the game room, and can answer any questions you may have about KantCon 2019. The convention is held at the Kansas City Convention center, and badges are on sale now.

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