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Early Bird Ending Soon!

As a reminder, Early Bird Sales will continue through April 8th! This is your last chance to get our Early Bird packages which come with lots of goodies. On top of gaming essentials like dice, you can also get water bottles, bags, and even t-shirts! After April 8th, we’ll move to regular online registration. You’ll still be able to buy badges in advance, but prices will be slightly higher and you won’t be able to purchase our Early Bird bundles anymore.

Event sign-up began April 1st, so if you’re registered, you can already sign-up for events on Warhorn! We’re also taking Event Submissions now, so be sure to submit your favorite RPG, miniatures game, board game, or card game. You can fill out the form on our website, and we’ll add them to Warhorn for players to sign-up.


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