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​​You should not be here. Event submission are no longer being accepted.

Submit events

Event submission will continue through 6 June 2024.  (Signup to attend events will continue through 12 June 2024.)


Thank you for running a game(s).  You make KantCon one of the best gaming cons around.

Before submitting a game(s), you should:

  1. Fill out the Game Master / Marshall Discount form (optional).

  2. Register for KantCon, i.e. buy your badge.

    • You must be registered for KantCon before your events will be added to the Online Events Catalog.

    • Exception: If you have filled out the Game Master / Marshall Discount form and received an email indicating you are approved, then you do not need to register as you will receive a complimentary badge.

After the above are completed, you're ready to submit.

  • Games: Use the form below to submit games you would like to run. For RPGs—or any event with a 4 hour playing time—we recommend these slots:

    • 9am-1pm​

    • 2pm-6pm (Sun. events must end by 6pm)

    • 7pm-11pm​ (Fri. and Sat. only)

A mobile-friendly version of this form can be found directly on Google.

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