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You should not be here.

Event submission are no longer being accepted. If you would, please send an email to explaining how you landed on this page.

Submit events

Event submission will continue through June 22, 2023.  (Signup to attend events will continue through July 8, 2023.)


Thank you for running a game, giving a presentation, or lending your expertise to a panel.  You make KantCon one of the best gaming cons around.

Before submitting events, you should:

  1. Sign up for the GM/Marshall Discount: Do this first to ensure you don't miss out on any perks. If you don't care about the perks, you can skip this step. The Game Master / Marshall Incentive Program is optional; you can register for Kantcon and submit events without participating in it.

  2. Register for KantCon: You must first Register for KantCon before your event will be added to the Online Event Catalog.

After the above are completed, you're ready to submit.

  • Games: Use the form below to submit games you would like to run. For RPGs—or any event with a 4 hour playing time—we recommend these slots:

    • 9am-1pm​

    • 2pm-6pm (Sun. events must end by 6pm)

    • 7pm-11pm​ (Fri. and Sat. only)


A mobile-friendly version of this form can be found directly on Google.

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