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Call for Volunteers and Planners

Greetings, everyone, it's that time again to start thinking about KantCon 2015.

We are currently taking candidates for planning positions to help organize KantCon 2015! We're taking candidates through the end of December.

The available positions are:

Volunteer Coordinator - Make sure volunteers are trained, scheduled, ready to work, and know who their coordinator is.

Event Coordinator - Organization of events, table layout, event registration, and creation of on-site and online event booklets.

GM Coordinator - Organization of GMs, make sure they know policies, table location, relevant player info, etc.

Library Coordinator - Management of the library at KantCon as well as library-related activities or contests.

Registration Coordinator - Organization of pre-registration, badge preparation, and on-site registration, including SWAG Bags.

Auction Coordinator - Organization of the Silent Charity Auction benefiting Extra Life.

SWAG Coordinator - Contact companies both online and locally for prize support for the Auction, Raffle, and for inclusion in the Library.

Raffle Coordinator - Organization of the ongoing raffle, both for players and GMs.

Social Media Coordinator - Organization and spearhead of social media output on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media outlets.

Advertising Coordinator - Creation of flyers and other advertising, coordination with Event Coordinator, Website Coordinator, and Registration Coordinator for advertising in event book, website, and SWAG bags. Contact companies online and locally for advertising and sponsorship of KantCon. Work with Design Coordinator for art assets for advertising.

Website Coordinator - Design and maintain the website, provide easy access and updates to the site, work with the Design Coordinator for website art assets. Technical support for the website.

Communications Coordinator - Facilitate communication between committee heads and with volunteers. Make sure everyone is on task and talking with one another - keep everyone informed of meetings and important information.

Sales Coordinator - Manage the sales and inventory of merchandise at KantCon's Merchandise booth.

Cosplay Coordinator - Organization of the Cosplay Contest at KantCon.

If you do not wish to be a committee head, there's nothing wrong with that. If you wish to simply volunteer to work at KantCon, please let us know so we can get you on the volunteer list!

Please anyone who you think would be interested in joining KantCon as a volunteer or committee head know we're recruiting, and to contact us ASAP! We're always looking for new people!


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