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You should not be here.

Do NOT fill out the form below; event submission are no longer being accepted. If you would, please send an email to explaining how you landed on this page.


GM / marshal incentive program

What You Need to Do

If you want a free badge for a day you run 4 or more hours of events, do the following in the order given.


  1. Fill out the GM/Marshal Discount form below.

    • Wait for an email that lets you know if you've qualified​.

    • You do NOT need to register for those days in which you qualify for a free badge.

  2. Register for KantCon, i.e. purchase your badge, for any days you don't qualify for a free badge.

  3. Submit Event(s) (Event Submissions will open 1 March 2023.)


If you’ve already purchased your badge, we can not give you a refund.  Let the knowledge that your purchase of a badge is contributing to the quality of life of the KantCon gaming community give you comfort.

Fine Print

  • In the event you are getting a badge only through this program and never submit an event (once Event Submission is open of course), you will not receive a complimentary badge.

  • In the event you are getting a badge only through this program and submit too few hours for a day or skip one of the requested days, you will not receive a complimentary badge for that day. We will do our best to reach out to anyone who has not met the requirements for the number of hours they requested prior to online registration closing.

  • In the event you are getting a badge only through this program, you will have to submit at least one event before you will be cleared to signup for events in Warhorn.

The Form

Fill out the form below to let us know about all the event(s) you want to run and use to qualify for your free badge. We will get back to you letting you know if you have qualified and whether your request is approved. (Volunteers do not fill out this form.)

This form may look the same as the form you used to submit games—do not be fooled. You submit the Game Master / Marshall Incentive Program form only once, for all the events want to run. After that, you fill out one or more Event Submission forms: one for each game, panel or presentation you want to run.

You can find a mobile-friendly version of this form directly on Google.

GM/Marshall Discount Form
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