Game Master / Marshall Incentive Program

This form should be filled out before you:


  1. Register for KantCon, i.e. purchase your badge

  2. Submit Event(s) (Event Submissions will open March 1, 2021.)


If you’ve already purchased your badge, that's fine. This is your chance to give us some other way of showing our appreciation.

Fill out the form below to let us know about all the event(s) you want to run and use to qualify for the incentives. We will get back to you letting you know the incentives you qualify for and whether your request is approved. (Volunteers do not fill out this form.)

This form may look the same as the form you used to submit games—do not be fooled. You submit the Game Master / Marshall Incentive Program form only once, for all the events want to run. You fill out one or more Event Submission forms: one for each game, panel or presentation you want to run.

You can find a mobile-friendly version of this form directly on Google.