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Meet Cedric the Dragon!

Did you happen to see our new majestic blue mascot, Cedric the Dragon, premiere at last year’s convention? I’m sure you picked up some awesome merch featuring him, but have you ever wondered how he made his way to Kansas City?

Cedric is an elder eastern dragon who became bored with his traditional surroundings and decided to settle in Kansas. Some believe it's the steady supply of Cheetos and Mountain Dew that brought him here, but Cedric isn't talking. Being hundreds of years old, his hoard consists of anything from ancient Tibetan relics to Civil War-era cannonballs. But he has always loved riddles and games, so recently he has taken an interest in collecting anything tabletop, board, or card-related. Those foolish or unlucky enough to stumble upon his hoard are allowed to choose their game. But be warned, this dragon has had centuries to perfect his strategies!

We’re going to have even more great swag at this year’s convention with Cedric, but a great way to make sure you get the latest merch is to grab one of those great early bird bundles! In the “Critical” package, you’ll get a Cedric mug, t-shirt, and miniature along with other great goodies and admission for all three days! Make sure to get yours today!

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