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Eclipse Books and Comics

One of the coolest things about conventions is all the great stuff you can find for sale! Plus it’s a great way to support local businesses, like Eclipse Books and Comics, who will be coming to KantCon from Rolla, MO! Eclipse started out as a comic book store, but has since begun selling tabletop games, as well as board games and collectibles (A.K.A. everything you need to update your stash.) So whether you’re looking for some of your favorite comic books to keep you busy between games, or trying to grab the latest D&D miniatures for the your next adventure, Eclipse will have you covered.

The store is owned by Rob Hobart, who considers himself a “tabletop RPG-er through and through.” He was even a co-designer of L5R 4th edition from 2008-2015, and it remains his favorite RPG! Be sure to stop by his booth at KantCon to meet with a fellow gamer, and grab the latest merch!

Tickets are still available, so be sure to grab yours now!!register/c31p

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