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Out of this World Fun!

Have you checked out all of the great events on Warhorn yet? If you haven’t, be sure to check them out soon! Events are already filling up, and new events are still being added!

If you’ve already signed-up for one of the Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures BIGs we featured last time, and still can’t get enough Out-Of-This World fun, consider our Firefly BIG, or Life Sized Space Alert! In the Firefly game, captain you very own Firefly-class ship, and take on a variety of jobs and navigate through everything from Alliance Patrols to Reavers! The game includes all expansion packs, and prizes will be awarded to players. In Life Sized Space Alert, take on a more hands-on approach in a fast-paced 10-minute mission. Work together with your fellow players on a life-sized diagram and coordinate your next move as you try to navigate to safety!

Grab your spot in these BIGs, and check out our other great events now!

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