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Gaming for Good and Children

Do you remember the last time you got so into a game that you lost track of time? Spent what felt like minutes going on a quest only to look up and realize that hours had gone by? Perhaps you felt kinda bad as you remember all the things you were supposed to get done, but instead fell by the wayside? Been there. Done that. But what if you could turn those hours into something really productive, like giving back to the community? And all without having to put down the dice or controller?

There’s this great organization out there that we at KantCon proudly support, Extra Life! Runners have their marathons for charities, why shouldn’t gamers? Extra Life makes it really easy to turn those hours of fun into a great way to raise donations for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. All you have to do is commit to a game marathon, and then encourage your friends and family to support your efforts! They encourage marathoning on November 5th, so if you’re interested there’s still plenty of time to start raising funds. Stop by their table in the vendor area at KantCon or check out their website below to get signed up! And for those of you who can’t wait that long but still want to use the power of gaming for good, we’re pleased to announce that KantCon will also be having an auction at the convention to raise funds for Extra Life! You can get involved by either donating things for the auction(just reach out to us at or while you’re at the convention simply place bids for all the great stuff we’ll have available!

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