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One Month From Convention!

We’re officially one month out from the convention!!! I don’t know about you, but my excitement is starting to set in. The event list on Warhorn just keeps growing! Be sure to check it out and grab a seat in the events that catch your eye before they fill up!

We still have some spots in our BIGs, including two of our creepier board games! Check out the Mansions of Madness BIG on Friday night, where you explore an eerie location and have to work together with your fellow players to survive the horrors within! Or check out the Zombicide Black Plague Event and join Ash from the Evil Dead on an adventure stretching from medieval times to modern day S-Mart! Both games feature prizes for players and the Zombicide Event even includes some bullet or blood splatter dice to add to your collection!

Be sure to submit any events you want to run before July 8th when our Event submission will end. And player registration ends only a week later!

BIG Link:

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