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Happy Independence Day!

Happy 4th of July everyone! Whether you’re planning on spending it outside watching the fireworks, or have every intention of marathoning some of your favorite games, I hope you enjoy the long weekend!! And when you’re dragging your feet back to work on Tuesday, remember that KantCon is less three weeks away!

If you love celebrating all things ‘American’ as part of the holiday, make sure you check out two of our BIGs at KantCon that were inspired by different periods in American History! We have “One With Darkness” on both Friday and Saturday! Go back to the passing of the 18th Amendment during the Prohibition Era. The adventure will take you into the depths of a whiskey smuggling crime family. It’s a dangerous life but can prove to be very rewarding!

You can go back even further into history and grab a spot in “Rocket Railroad,” which takes place in the 1800’s American Wild West! There’s just one ‘little’ twist. The Wild West happens to actually be an entertainment center in Epsilon City... Which just happens to be located on a lost spaceship. That enough twists for you? Be sure to grab your spot now!

BIG Link:

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