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New Events at KantCon!

This year we have two special events debuting at KantCon 2017! The first is a Star Wars Destiny Tournament! Put your deck up against other local players to see who reigns supreme! All players must bring their own materials, and all FFG rules will be followed. We will be offering two sessions, Friday at 6pm and Saturday at 9am. This is a BIG, so be sure to grab your ticket at the following link. May the force be with you! The second is not only a first to KantCon, but also a first to Kansas City! Check out the premiere of the EPIC D&D event happening on Saturday from 2 to 6pm. If you’ve looked on Warhorn, you might have noticed this event that can hold up to 42 players, and no, that is not a typo. This event is a multi-table event where each table works towards a common goal! Be sure to roll up a character (or use a Pre-Gen on site) and sign-up now on Warhorn!

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