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Game in Style at KantCon 2018!

We are almost halfway through Early Bird ticket sales! Have you grabbed your ticket yet? Don’t miss out while tickets are still at their cheapest and our great Early Bird Packages are still available! This is your only opportunity to bundle your admission tickets with 2018 KantCon dice, raffle tickets, and lots of other great KantCon SWAG. Check them out here:

Our elite VIG packages are still also available for purchase!

Indulge in the ultimate KantCon experience with entry for all three days, an exclusive T-shirt, SWAG bag, dice bag, dice, a padfolio(new this year), and 50 raffle tickets! And, most importantly, a custom adventure designed just for you by one of our KantCon GMs!

We still have four GMs waiting to create the perfect scenario for you in any of the following systems:

Angela Robertson in: Dungeon World, Dread, Firefly, Lady Blackbird, Urban Shadows, or Action Movie World André Faucher in D&D (3.5, Pathfinder, or 5th Ed), Savage Worlds, World of Darkness (NWoD or OWoD), Mutants & Masterminds, or Other System on Request Jeremy Putnam in: D&D (any edition), Savage Worlds, D6 System, Mutants & Masterminds, Dungeon Crawl Classics, Mage, Vampire, or Werewolf (older versions), OSRIC, or Warhammer Fantasy (percentile versions) Miles Tugman in: D&D (any edition 3.5+), Pathfinder, World of Darkness (any), Eclipse Phase, Dread, Savage Worlds, Deadlands, or CthuluTech Get your VIG package here: Event submission for all other games will begin March 5th! If you haven’t already, start thinking about what games you'd like to run this year at the convention! We can’t wait to roll some dice with you!

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