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Event Submission Opens Tomorrow!

So, you know that idea for an awesome game you’ve had in the back of your mind for months now? The one you’ve been thinking about putting together, but you’re not sure when you would even have a chance to run it? Now’s your opportunity! Event submission starts on Monday, March 5th, and we would love to have you at KantCon! This is the perfect time to run your favorite adventure, or share a beloved game with other people who love gaming just as much as you! Just don’t forget to buy your badge first! It’s the perfect time to do it while our Early Bird sales are still in full effect! You can buy badges at now, and Event Registration will be on the site Monday! We are also pleased to announce that Crypt Monkey Studios will be coming to to KantCon this year! They’re a creator of Role Playing Games and Primer Games that are wrapped in themes of dark fantasy, horror, science fiction, and comedy. Be sure to stop by their table and check out their lineup at the convention this year! In the meantime, they’re getting ready to Kickstart their latest game, House of Possession, so be sure to keep an eye out! If you’re interested in being a vendor or sponsor this year, please let us know! We still have tables available, and it’s the perfect opportunity to reach fellow gamers! Just fill out the form here:

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