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Get Ready for Kids KantCon

We only have one more day of Early Bird Sales! This is your last chance to purchase an Early Bird package, and buy your badge when prices are at their lowest! If you miss the opportunity, we will continue to have Pre-Registration on our website until July 1st. If you’ve been thinking about buying one of our great VIG packages, don’t worry, these will continue to be on sale for another month. Our GMs need time to build your custom adventure. We only have three packages left, so make sure to grab your ASAP! Our Event Registration will also open on April 1st! Be sure to check out the events already posted, and see if there’s anything that peaks your interest. We have a Game of Thrones event on Saturday for those who prefer a fantasy adventure, and multiple Star Trek games for those who seek the galaxies beyond! They’re all listed on our Warhorn site. Just remember you’ll need a badge to get access to sign up!

We’ve also been busy working at planning Kids KantCon! We’re planning on having a variety of activities for young gamers and non gamers alike! For the future campaigners in your family, we’re planning on opportunities for them to try out RPGs aimed at younger players, and offer a chance for them to share their own stories with other children and adults. We’re also planning on a variety of craft projects, and fun activities to keep your kids active at the convention! Just don’t forget Kids KantCon is being designed as a family activity and all future gamers will need to have an adult present. If you'd like to involved, please reach out to us at

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